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skywardslayer said: Hello?
send me "hello?" and my character will phone yours [x]

5. they just want to chat.


❝ azunyaaaaan! hi hi —— ! nee, you
   sound sort of different! are you ——
   are you sick?

                [ overly concerned gasp ]

Send me “Hello?” and my character will phone yours because…


Scenarios range from fluff to angst. Some trigger warnings apply.


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1. The meaning behind my URL
2. A picture of me
3. Why I love my best friend
4. Last time I cried and why
5. Piercings I have
6. Favorite Band
7. Biggest turn off(s)
8. Top 5 (insert subject)
9. Tattoos I want/ have
10. Biggest turn on(s)
11. Age
12. Ideas of a perfect date
13. Life goal(s)
14. Piercings I want/ have
15. Relationship status
16. Favorite movie
17. A fact about my life
18. Phobia
19. Middle name
20. Anything you want to ask

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Muns, reblog this with YOUR face claim



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Maguro don by ClieistD on Flickr.
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heroesofjapan said: Other me, what was your father like? {Hi Kaori :D)
In Celebration of Father's Day, ask my muse (or the mun) anything about his/her father.


    ♬ ┅┆"He’s thiiiiiis tall! And he seems like a serious guy at first, but he’s really a jokester when he gets comfortable around a person! And of course, he always remembers to bring back sweets from his trips with Mom abroad! All-around, I think he’s a great man! Wouldn’t you agree…”



In Celebration of Father’s Day, ask my muse (or the mun) anything about his/her father.

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@WIESNERX0042's “Mind of Man” CLVI

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